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What can I do with imagebank images on my web site?

The imagebank has extended its terms of use to allow use of imagebank images in personal blogs, and church/organisation web sites. However, under the terms of use you can not use imagebank images for any web site or application which you charge for. You cannot include imagebank images in a site which sells or redistributes images (individually or along with other images).

How do I include an imagebank image in my site?

You will need to be signed in to use this facility. Navigate to the relevant image view page for the image you want to embed. Underneath the image you will see options to get the code for embedding the image in your web site at various sizes. Click on the size you want and the code will display below. Copy and paste this into the relevant part of your site and you're done!

Can I style the embedded image and title?

Yes, you can style the image and title using the following CSS classes and IDs;

  • #imagebank_iod - ID for the div which contains the whole imagebank block
  • #imagebank_iod div.ib_image - class for the div which contains the image and associated link
  • #imagebank_iod div.ib_image a.ib_imagelink - the class for the wrapper link back to the image view page on imagebank
  • #imagebank_iod div.ib_image a.ib_imagelink img.ibimagesized - the class for image itself
  • #imagebank_iod div.ib_title - class for the wrapper div containing the image title and attribution
  • #imagebank_iod div.ib_title a.ib_imagelink - link back to the imagebank image view page
  • #imagebank_iod div.ib_title a.ib_tag - link back to the imagebank general site

Please don't abuse your access to these classes by removing the attribution or link to imagebank.