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Uploading to the imagebank

Uploading to the imagebank

Every image you see in the imagebank has been uploaded by fellow users.

What images can I upload?

There are no restrictions on the dimensions of an image you can upload. Allowable file types are jpg (jpeg) or png. Common file sizes for use with projectors in church are 1066 x 800px, and 2048 x 1536px, with a resolution of 72ppi.

The maximum file size to upload is 2MB at present, so if your image file is bigger than this you'll need to reduce the resolution or size of the image. If this causes you problems, please let us know.

How do I upload an image?

Click on the Upload images menu item in the left hand column of the main page, or the upload button on the Collections page. This will take you to the upload page. To upload an image, click on the "Upload a file" button. This will open a file manager or select window on your computer. Select one or more images - you can select multiple images just as you would normally - and click to upload. You will see the progress of upload and when each file is uploaded, it displays OK.

For certain browsers you can also drag and drop an image onto the Upload button.

As you upload images you will see the counter increase in the information box which says "You have 4 image(s) waiting to be tagged and posted »". Images need to be tagged and posted before they will appear in the imagebank.

Tagging and posting

Tags - key words - need to associated with each image so others can find them in the bank. Click on the "tagged and posted »" link below the "Upload a file" button. A page will now display all images you've uploaded but not yet tagged and posted. Before you post each image, add tags, or keywords, which will enable users to find these images easily.

Try to enter tags which describe the contents of your image. Include the subject (eg clouds, cross, etc), color (eg blue, fuschia, etc), style (eg grungy, modern, clean, art, photograph, etc) and the feel of the image (eg peaceful, joy, etc) - anything which will help people find the right image for their needs. Once you've added tags, simply click on the Post button to post them to the imagebank.

I don't want to add tags now - will the upload be saved?

Images uploaded but not tagged will be retained for tagging later. Simply click the "Upload files" button to add tags and post when you have time.

How can I remove images I've posted?

If you have uploaded the image but not yet tagged it and now want to remove it, navigate to the add tags and post page, and click on Delete - this will delete the image from the bank completely.

If you have already tagged and posted the image you can still delete it. Go to the image view page and click to edit the image. On the right hand side you will see a link to delete this image. You will be asked to confirm the deletion; click Yes and the image will be completely removed from the imagebank and all collections which contain it.

How can I see my images?

You can view your images in the Imagebank using the "My images" link on the left hand column of your home page. Small thumbnails of the images you've uploaded are shown - click any image to view the image you've uploaded.