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Free images for worship, talks and events

The image listing page view

~When you start using the imagebank, you will see a series of images in the main (right hand) part of the page. Each image is a small representation of the full image, and is known as a "thumbnail". Click on any thumbnail in any page and the image will open up in a separate window or tab (depending on your browser) at a larger size.

What is the image view tab or window about?

From the full sized image tab or window, the image can be either be downloaded or you can simply copy and paste from this image into your application. You can also

Viewing a list of collections

Click on "My collections" or "Shared collections" in the left hand menu and you'll be taken to a list of collections. From here you can create a collection, or view a collection you've already made, or another user has shared.

Click on the collection title or thumbnail and you will be able to see all the images in a collection, subscribe to collections which other users have shared, and share your own collections with others. See the help page on creating and using collections for more details.