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Does it cost me to use Imagebank?

Imagebank is a free site and does not require you to pay anything to register or use the site.

Why do I need to sign up?

You will need to sign up to create collections, upload images and download images without a watermark. You will also need to sign up to use imagebank images on your own web site, and to help us by rating images. We insist on users registering so they have confirmed they are aware and agree to abide by the important Terms of Use. In addition, some of the services we offer need us to be able to record who uploaded an image or is responsible for maintaining a collection.

How do I sign up for Imagebank?

You can either sign in directly with your Facebook account (just click the "Connect with Facebook" button on the home page), or go to the Register page and choose a username and password. You must also provide a valid email address, which we'll send a confirmation email to.

We also ask for your full name, church name and which country you live in, but these are optional - you don't have to provide them if you don't want to. By clicking on the Submit button you agree to abide by the Terms of Use.

If the username is already taken, or the password is too short, a window will appear to let you know and you can chose again on the Register page. Due to problems with spammers, we will need you to confirm your email address before you can use your new account. We will send an email to your email address; ckick on the link contained in this email to confirm this is your email address and the account will go live straight away.

What is the minimum password size?

The password you chose must be at least 8 characters long. Ideally, use a complex string of numbers, letters, and punctuation marks. You may also want to try mixing uppercase and lowercase letters or making your password longer.

Can I sign up using Facebook?

You can sign in to the imagebank using your Facebook account. imagebank uses your Facebook name to create the account. we do not have access to, or any record of, your Facebook password when you sign in using Facebook.