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How do I sign in to the Imagebank?

Make sure noone else is signed in to the Imagebank on the computer you are using. If you need to sign them out, click on the "Sign out" button on the top menu bar.

Sign in using the Sign in page. Enter your username and password on the page and press the "Sign in" button. You will be taken straight to the home page on Imagebank.

I can't remember my username

Check your inbox for the email you received when you created your account. If you don't have the email confirmation, contact us and let us know the email address you used to register; we can then reset your password and send an email back with your username and password in.

I can't remember my password

Click on the link "Forgot your Password?" just under the sign in box on the Sign in page. This will give a new window for you to enter the email address or username used when you registered. Click "Submit" when you've completed the email address, and we'll reset your password and send you a new password immediately.

I want to change my signin details

Once you've signed in, select Account. From the Account page you can change your email, password and church details.

My signin details won't work

Please make sure you are using exactly the username and password set - the imagebank signin is case sensitive, so for example UserName will show as invalid if your username is Username or username. The easiest way to check whether this is the problem is to find the original email you received from imagebank and copy and paste the username from this.

If you can sign in but then when you get to the home page you're not signed in any more, the problem is likely to be with the cookie we need to set to keep you signed in as you navigate imagebank. Check that your browser is set to accept cookies - see for details. To use imagebank you will need to allow imagebank to set a session cookie. If you are worried about this please see details of what cookies we use and why in the privacy policy.

If you continue to have problems, or your account is blocked, contact us.

My account says it's blocked

If anyone attempts to sign in using the wrong password and your username, the account will be blocked after a number of attempts. This is a safety measure to prevent someone messing with your images and collections. If you find your account is blocked, just contact us quoting your username if possible, and we'll reset the account. Otherwise it will be unblocked after a few dayws.

How does "sign in with Facebook" work?

When you sign in using your facebook account imagebank does NOT access your password stored by facebook. You agree imagebank can access only basic information stored on facebook. Facebook then passes this to imagebank and imagebank sets up an account for you on imagebank. Because of the limited information we get from facebook, we don't have details of your church or country; you can add these using your Account settings page.

Once you are signed in using your facebook account, facebook remembers that you are happy for imagebank to sign you in using basic facebook details. You will not have to sign in again until you sign out of facebook.

Signing out of imagebank will not sign you out of facebook.