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Search using tags (key words)

You can search for images using tags. These are words describing the image, submitted by the person who uploaded and submitted the image (or by a site administrator).

To search by tag, click on the Search box on the top bar. This will change to give you space to type in one or more keywords, or tags. (You can also type in a Bible passage - see below). Press the carriage return (enter) key to start the search. The search engine will look for ALL the keywords you type. So, for example, if you type in worship blue ocean you will only find images which have been tagged with all three words (plus others), in any order.

You can specify an exact phrase using quotes. For example, "easter story" cross will return images which have been tagged with the phrase "easter story" and "cross".

You can omit words you don't want to find using a minus sign (-) before the word. So, for example, the entry worship cross -blue will return any images tagged with worship and cross but NOT blue.

If there are no results for the keywords (tags) you typed, imagebank will offer you a new search using a matching technology which attempts to find the best match for the keywords you entered.

Sorting search results

The menu items in the side menu can be used to sort the results from your search. For example, clicking on the "Most popular" menu item will return the search results with the most viewed images shown first. Clicking on the "Top rated" mneu item will return the search results with the highest rated images first.

You can also limit the search to images you have uploaded by selecting the "My images" menu item in the side menu.

Starting with a Bible passage

You can search for images which are suitable for, or contain a Bible passage using the search box. Type a Bible passage in the form Book chapter:verse(s) - for example, 1 Chronicles 5:6, John 10 and Exodus 24:4-6 are all valid entries. The search engine first seeks to find exact matches for the passage. It returns these first, and then also looks up the passage in a Bible text and seeks to provide the best match against important words in the passage.

Starting with a general theme

If you have a general theme you want to find images for, the "Categories" listing on the left hand menu of your home page gives a quick and easy way to find what you're looking for. The categories have main headings which define more complex queries to help you find the sort of image you need.

How do I clear a search?

To clear a search or category listing, click on the "Clear this query" or "Clear this selection" link.

Starting with an image

If you have an image in the Imagebank and want to find similar images, click on the thumbnail of the image. The image view window shows similar images, found using the tags associated with your chosen image, and lists these under the "You may also like.." section.

In addition, the image view page lists all tags associated with the image, and clicking on a tag will search the imagebank for matches to this tag, returning the results in a new page.