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Collections have replaced folders in imagebank. A collection is a group of images with a similar theme or saved by a user for a specific purpose. You can create a collection, add images to a collection and share your collections with other users. You can also view and subscribe to collections created and maintained by other users.

Collections mean you don't have to download images to keep them for later - you can use a collection instead.

How can I make a new collection?

To create a new collection, click on the My collections menu item on the left hand menu. From the drop down you can select "<...Create new...>" to create a new image. Or click on the "All my collections" to see a list of existing collections. The first time you create a collection, the "All my collections" page will have a notice saying you don't have any collections, and asking if you want to create a collection. You can either click the "Create one now" link in the information box, or click on the "Create" button in the left hand menu.

This will take you to a page which invites you to enter a title and description for the image. Enter these and click on the "Next »" button. It's important you click this button as it will create the collection for you.

you will then be taken to the upload images page. If you don't want to upload images to this collection, just click on the "return to your collections" link. Your new collection will now be listed.

How can I add an image to a collection?

You can add images to your collection(s) at any time from the image view page. Click on a thumbnail to bring up an image view page. At the top right you will see a button marked "add to collection". Click on this button and a drop down menu of your collections will appear. To add this image to a collection, click on the collection title. The title will now appear "below the line" and greyed out, indicating that the image now belongs to that collection. Where an image is already in a collection, it will be greyed out.

You can also add images by clicking on the "Upload to this collection" button when viewing a collection (next to the share button on the top right hand side of the page).

How can I see what's in a collection?

You can see the images in your collection from the list of collections. Click on the small image or the title and you will go to the collection view page. From here you can view an image or edit the collection.

Editing a collection

To edit or delete a collection, navigate to the collection view or collection list page. Next to the title of the collection you will see a link (edit) - click this and you will be able to edit your collection. Please note: you can only edit and add images to a collection you have created.

To edit the tile and/or description, type over or edit the existing title and description and click "Save changes". To delete an image from a collection, click on the delete link below a thumbnail. You can't undo this action but of course you can add the image again if you delete by mistake.

To delete the whole collection, click on the "delete this collection" link on the right hand side of the edit collection page. You will be asked to confirm this action and if you click "Yes" the collection will be deleted and you will return to the list of collections.

Sharing a collection

To edit or delete a collection, navigate to the collection view page. At the top right you will see a button labelled "Share". Click this to share the collection with other imagebank users. You can also share a collection from the collection list page by clicking on the tick box at the right of a collection listing.

To "unshare" a shared collection, click again on the button which is now labelled "unshare" in the collection view page, or untick the box on the collections list.

How can I check on collections shared by other users?

Click on the "shared collections" menu item at the left hand column of the main page, and you will see a complete list of collections which have been shared by other users. From here you can view any shared collection. If you like the collection and want it to appear on your "My collections" page, you can subscribe to a collection by clicking the "Subscribe" button on the top left of the collection view. You can unsubscribe from a collection in the same way.